Everything from our servers to our templates is designed for speed. The fact is that when your site is slow, people leave. How fast does your current site load now? If it’s 3 seconds or longer, you’re losing almost half of your would-be website visitors. On, no matter what your traffic is, your site […]


Getting hacked stinks. No church wants to have their homepage taken over or their content in jeopardy. We secure your website at the server level so you don’t have to worry about taking extra precautions. Should you somehow ever get hacked, we fix it. For free. Every site on gets a free SSL certificate from the […]

Nightly Backups

Backups are a pain, so we handle them for you. Should catastrophe ever strike, we can help you restore your site to any point within the last 30 days.


These icons and text are fully customizable and can be placed anywhere on the page as it’s a widget. Have the freedom to customize without touching code.

Human Reviews

We’ve meticulously reviewed Marketify to ensure its as bug free as possible. There’s nothing is quite as fulfilling than making sure it just works.

Mobile Friendly

Whether someone is using their phone, tablet, or computer, they will experience every feature of your site without sacrificing usability. No pinching and zooming necessary!

Easy Setup

Your website is one of the most powerful tools of communication your church has, but it can be hard to keep up properly. Hosting, servers, maintenance, updates, backups – all can be overwhelming when you’re wearing many hats. All of these things are handled for you when you host your church website on You focus […]

Done-For-You Design

Chances are you’re not a professional web designer or developer – and that’s ok. Even with the best drag-and-drop tools that are available, designing a well-thought-out website is a difficult and time-consuming process. sites are done for you. You can customize the look and feel to fit your church culture without wasting hours figuring […]